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2015 Resource Guide

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When it comes to policy, what's a small firm to do?

When it comes to policy, what’s a small firm...

Rosser Celebrates the Delta Flight Museum

For Immediate Release                   January 12, 2016   For more...

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Get Started With an AIA Architect

YouAndYourArch_coverWhy Hire an AIA Architect

No matter what kind of project you have in mind, you should speak with an architect who is a member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) at the earliest stage of the design process. Architects have the education, training, experience and vision to maximize your construction dollar and ease the entire design and construction process. They can help you find practical solutions to your unique vision and design challenges. AIA members also offer something more: the shared dedication to creating healthy, sustainable and livable homes, work places and communities—coupled with a means of collaboration to make those goals real. “Design and construction are inherently exciting. There are few things more satisfying than a successful project. The secret to success lies in the professional, business and personal relationships between owner and architect. You and Your Architect provides guidance on how to establish and benefit from those relationships. Click here to view:  You and Your Architect (pdf)

How Design Works For You

If you’ve never worked with an architect before, you likely have questions. Does your project really require an architect? At what point should you involve a design team? What is it like to work with an AIA architect, and how do you get the most out of the experience? Here you can find answers and tools to guide you through the five stages of design, and watch clients and architects describe how the process worked for them. Visit AIA’s interactive web site now and learn more about How Design Works.

Go Green

Sustainable design makes a big difference. We’ll help you better understand the costs, show you great examples, and introduce you to AIA architects who walk the walk on sustainable design.

You and Your Architect

Hiring an AIA architect could be the best decision you’ll make for your residential or commercial design project. If you’ve never worked with an architect, though, you’re likely to have many questions. We’ll help you get through the design process. Get Started Find an Architect

Questions to Ask Your Architect

1.  What are the challenges for the project? 2.  How will you approach the project? 3.  How will you establish priorities and make decisions?

Georgia flag map The GA General Assembly created the GA State Board of Architects in 1919 to protect the public health, safety, and welfare by regulating the activities of persons engaged in the architectural profession. Applicants for architect registration must obtain sufficient education, complete an internship and pass the national examination. It has the authority to adopt rules, set standards for licensure, adopt mandatory standards of professional conduct, and investigate and discipline unauthorized, negligent or incompetent practice. In 1992, Georgia law was amended to provide for the registration of interior designers, and the Board was given the authority to adopt rules to set standards for such registration. Applicants for interior design registration must obtain sufficient education and pass a national examination. In 2000, legislation was enacted to change the name of the Board to the Georgia State Board of Architects and Interior Designers.

Board meetings are open to the public and are generally held at the Office of Secretary of State, Professional Licensing Boards Division office located in Macon

Click here to view the current board and to learn more.

Before even beginning to design, architects look up. It’s the very first step in envisioning what could be. An architect’s unique perspective and approach to his or her work inspires us all. We have only to look up to see the contributions of architects present in our everyday lives. Look up and be inspired. Take a photo of the architecture that inspires you and post it on social media with #ilookup to join the community.