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AIA Georgia Leading the Way on School Safety and Design

In the wake of school shootings in Parkland, Florida and numerous other locations across the country in recent years, school systems in most states are taking a hard look at how to ensure that our places of education are safe for students, staff and faculty. Georgia, in particular, has been very active and AIA Georgia has been a leading voice in statewide discussions.

AIA Georgia 2018 President and KSU Professor Kathryn Bedette has been leading our effort for the profession, along with a robust committee of AIA members from across the state.  In addition to her Georgia duties on this issue, Bedette has been appointed the chair of the Task Force on School Safety by AIA National and will be working with our state counterparts across the county on a coordinated approach to the topic.

The committee has produced a white paper on School Safety and Design, which addresses the key role that architects should play in any action taken by the state. The main points of the document are 1) there is no one-size-fits-all mechanical or security solution for every school in the state, 2) School Safety should also take into account the challenges of gang activity and bullying, and 3) any solutions that are adopted should not compromise the core mission of creating a positive learning environment for students.

AIA Georgia will be testifying at hearings of the Georgia State Senate on this topic in October and November, and with the Georgia House of Representatives in November.

To learn more and to read AIA Georgia’s white paper, click here.


AIA Encourages All Members to Vote

Are you registered to vote?

Have you moved recently and forgotten to update your registration?

Did you know that there are several upcoming races that affect the A/E/C industry?  For example, the races for Secretary of State (our licensing department) and Governor can have huge influences on the profession.   To learn more about the two candidates for Secretary of State, visit the podcast for AIA’s Secretary of State Forum here.

The deadline to register to vote in Georgia is this Tuesday, October 9, 2018!   That’s tomorrow!

This is your opportunity to weigh in on the issues that matter most to you and your community. As voters, we all have an equal say in determining our future. Be sure your voice is heard!

Click here to check your registration status and/or to register to vote.


The Georgia Board of Regents Makes a Big Change to 179D Tax Credits

In late September the Georgia Board of Regents issued a communication on a policy amendment for designers that do work for the organization, alerting them to changes in the administration of the 179D federal tax credit for architects and designers, which encourages more robust energy efficient designs (and substantial savings in operating costs for the owners).

The letter states that all architects must work with a consultant for the Board of Regents’ choice in securing federal accreditation for claiming the tax credits.  It also appears that in doing so the design firm may only be able to claim a percentage of the designer-intended tax credit.  In other states, this sort of arrangement has sometimes resulted in public entities asking for a reduction in fees equal to the amount of the tax credit.

AIA Georgia is looking closely at this issue to determine how it will affect our members who do public work.  Please stay tuned, or call David Southerland at 678.553.0509 or to learn more.