The primary functions of AIA Georgia are to increase the public’s general knowledge and awareness of architecture and the role architects play in the built and planned environment; and government affairs to monitor state legislative and regulatory activities to promote and enhance the profession of architecture, those who practice, and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public it serves.

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Question: What is the AIA and what does it stand for?
Answer: It is the professional society of architects. It stands for The American Institute of Architects. The AIA is the largest voice of the architectural community. We are committed to helping architects meet today’s challenges. The AIA strives to develop public awareness of the value of architecture and the importance of good design.

Question: What is the annual rate for membership dues?
Answer: Dues change annually

Question: Does the AIA have an Installment Payment Plan for their members?
Answer: Yes. You must pay at least 25% of your total dues in addition to any prior-year balance before the lapse date. You will continue to receive renewal statements until the full balance has been paid. The full balance must be paid by August 1.

Question: Do I have to pay National, State and Local dues to be a member of the AIA?
Answer: Yes. Your membership dues include National, State and Local.

Question: Do you have to be a registered architect to become a member of the AIA?
Answer: No. If you are not a registered architect, you can join by becoming an Associate AIA member.

Question: If I am a registered architect in another country, do I have to be registered in the U.S. in order to become a member of the AIA?
Answer: No. You can become an International Associate. Which means you are licensed in another country other than the U.S., yet practicing architecture in the U.S.

Question: What are the steps I need to take in order to transfer from the Georgia Chapter to another chapter in the U.S.?
Answer: AIA Georgia will fax you a transfer form. Fill the form out completely and fax it back to AIA Georgia. We will input the information and send it to National. It usually takes about 2 weeks for all information to get from AIA Georgia to AIA National then to the state in which you are relocating to.

Question: If I let my membership lapse, does that mean I can’t become an AIA member again?
Answer: No. All you have to do is become reinstated. To do that, you would need to fill out a membership application, send it back to us and we will go in and reinstate you.
General Questions

Question: Can I get the telephone number and address for Jane Doe?
Answer: Due to the Privacy Act we are not allowed to give out that type of information. However, I will be more than willing to look this person up on our database. If this person is an AIA member, I will call him/her and give him/her your name and telephone number.

Question: Where could I find an architect who specializes in residential (commercial, industrial, etc.) work located in the Atlanta (or any city) area?
Answer: You can find an architect on our website based on the type of work they do and the city/state in which they are located. Click Here to find an AIA Georgia architect in our database. Alternatively you may search the national “find and architect” here. This links you to AIA Access, which lets you find an AIA member anywhere in the United States. You can also find an architect, who is not an AIA member, by going to This website shows not only what type of work they do and the percentage, but how large their firm is and what type of awards they might have won.

Question: How can I get information on becoming a registered architect?
Answer: Call The Georgia State Licensing Board at 478.207.1400.
Address: 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217-3858