AIA Georgia Bylaws

Proposed Revisions

During 2019 AIA Georgia will be working with the AIA Southwest Georgia, West Georgia, and Augusta chapters as they transition from chapters into sections of AIA Georgia. Ideally, these changes will allow a partnership between the state chapter and local leadership to provide a higher level of member services, while still retaining a local character for the members in those areas.

However, creating sections under a state chapter is a new concept in our Association, and requires a change to our bylaws to allow it. We are posting the changes on our website here, along with an explanation of what the change means. You can also view our current bylaws from this webpage.

Additionally, AIA Georgia wishes to create an appointed position on its board of directors ensuring that at least one of the new sections will always be represented on the state board. There is a bylaws change allowing this new position as well.


David Southerland
Executive Director
AIA Georgia
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Kathryn Bedette
AIA Georgia
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Vote in Person

Constellations (Library)
135 Auburn Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303

January 12, 2019 at 11 am


AIA Georgia proposes that the following be added to Section 4 of its current bylaws, with the intent of allowing new Sections to be organized under the state component.  AIA Augusta, AIA Southwest Georgia, and AIA West Georgia have all applied to do so under changes made by AIA National in 2017. 


  • 4.31 Establishment of Sections. This Association may establish Sections with the approval of the Institute Secretary.  
  • 4.311 Procedure. Members in a geographic area within the territory of the Association may petition the Board of Directors to form a Section.  
  • 4.32 Section Membership Mandatory:  Notwithstanding any other provisions hereof, Sections may request required membership as provided in the Institute Bylaws. Such sections must satisfy Core Member Services, as provided in the Institute Bylaws.  
  • 4.33 Section Dues and Assessments. Sections may levy dues and assessments on members of the Section, but Section members may not be required to pay them except to the extent provided in the Institute’s Bylaws.  

AIA Georgia proposes that the following Section 6.41 be edited to read as follows, to allow the AIA Georgia Board of Directors to appoint someone from a Section organized under AIA Georgia to serve on its board.  


  • 6.41 Composition. The Board shall consist of the officers and a maximum of seven eight directors of AIA Georgia and shall also include the Executive Director as an ex-officio non-voting member. At the invitation of the Board, the representative of any accredited program(s) or activity of AIA Georgia may be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board, including representatives from student activities such as AIAS or NOMA-S.  At the invitation on the Executive Committee, a representative elected by the Allied Members may be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board.  

AIA Georgia Members should review these proposed changes.  

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