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Grassroots Advocacy and Current Georgia Legislation

In conjunction with AIA Georgia’s 2016 Day at the Capitol ((FEB 18th)), Don Bolia and Laura Norton of Peachtree Government Affairs will share on three main topics:
– What is Grassroots Advocacy
– Current Legislation affecting architects and the Design-Build Community
– How to easily get involved and make a difference.


RECORDED: 01/15/2016


For your reference, members’ credits are calculated as follows:

Overage from previous year + audit year + current year

The overage carries over only if there is a deficit in the audit year. The current year’s credits apply to the audit year’s requirement only if there is a deficit in the audit year. For more information please visit the FAQ:

All active AIA members must successfully complete 18 learning unit (LU) hours each year, with at least 8 of the 18 LU hours relating to health, safety, and/or welfare (HSW).

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NOTE: Most state licensing boards do not allow carryover and deficit credit. States have strict continuing education time frames, and credits must be earned within them.