Private Plan Reviewers

During this trying time our AIA Georgia members are finding innovative and effective ways to deliver their services to clients and the public. Here is a success story that may allow Georgia firms to find new business opportunities in the coming weeks.

During the last ten days, AIA has been working with ACEC Georgia, AGC Georgia and the Georgia Home Builders to solve the challenge of local governments suspending services in their building departments, therefore unable to provide important project plan reviews and inspections. Fortunately, current Georgia law already allows licensed engineers and architects to provide private plan review and inspection services.

AIA extends its thanks to Governor Kemp and his team for their leadership in ensuring that design and construction activity can continue by issuing an executive order to on this issue on March 20th, making clear that projects can move forward utilizing private professional plan reviewers in the absence of these services from local governments during the COVID crisis.

AIA Georgia could use your help.

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