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664 Seminole

664 Seminole is a small mixed-use building in the vibrant Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta. The project consisting of 39 residential apartments in three floors over ground floor commercial space. Office tenants, residents and guests may park in the adjacent, existing parking garage. Residents may also access the amenities in the adjacent apartment community, which was acquired by the developer when they acquired the site for 664 Seminole.

Design Challenge

The site is bounded by two public streets, a driveway and an alley. Across the alley is an existing, unadorned, 5-story pre-cast parking garage. We were challenged to minimize the impact of the parking garage. Our solution was to divide the building longitudinally with an off-set, open breezeway. We then located the stairs, elevator, lobby and trash chute in the smaller “building” facing the parking garage and subdivided the remaining space into efficient micro-units. The façades of the micro-units are tilted away from the parking garage and towards the public street. Incorporating built-in murphy beds, these units provide greater affordability in an up-scale area, while providing full size appliances and well-appointed living spaces in 427 SF.

Physical Context

The immediate context includes small office buildings, apartments, and single family houses. We designed the ground level and streetscape to be open and welcoming to the neighborhood. Between the public sidewalk and the building is a raised, landscaped, semi-public terrace with residential scaled walkways and steps leading to the ground floor commercial space. The residential floors of the building are divided longitudinally with an off-set, open breezeway. These two “halves” of the building are given different expressions in respond to the diverse context of the neighborhood.

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