691 14th Street

The program is mixed-use, with 200,000sf of residential space and 15,000sf of retail/restaurant space. Both street frontages are enlivened with active uses, encouraging foot traffic and a mix of dining and shopping offerings.

Residents enjoy amenities that include a central courtyard, pool, and club room. Most apartments also offer dramatic skyline views of the surrounding city.

Rather than succumb to the more common traditional approach or all-glass aesthetic, the exterior features a variety of natural materials including wood, stucco and brick that all serve to add an overall warmth and texture to the structure.

Structured parking is hidden to reduce inactive street fronts and to maximize active sidewalks.

Design Challenge

Multiple structural systems and construction types were incorporated to accommodate the owner’s programmatic and budgetary goals. The existing site sloped dramatically from street level down to the existing rail corridor. Activating ground level retail spaces along two streets while concealing resident and guest parking were the most challenging aspects undertaken to extend the existing urban fabric of the neighborhood.

Physical Context

In this case, the design solution responds more to the existing urban fabric, rather than to the natural environment. Given the site’s extreme slope, it was unusable and lacked a viable connection to the street level sidewalk system. By filling the existing hole with structured parking, street level uses were incorporated where they previously would have been impossible. This vastly improved pedestrian mobility at the busy intersection of 14h and Howell Mill.