Arizona Chemical Company Science & Technology Center

The Arizona Chemical Company is the world’s leading producer and refiner of pine chemicals. Their products are used in thousands of everyday products including fragrances, plastics, household cleaners, inks, paints and rubber products and help make the world healthier, cleaner and more efficient. This new Science and Technology Center in Savannah, Georgia is home of the company’s U.S. research and development activities, and was designed to provide a state-of-the-art research environment in a contemporary facility that will appeal to customers and attract top research professionals to the company.

The key design drivers for this project were Scientific, Sustainable, Close-to-Nature and Collegial. These led the design team to focus on designing the new building from “the inside out” – allowing the layout of labs, research and office spaces inform the overall shape and size of the architecture. Building on the “inside out” concept, the team found design inspiration for the architectural forms by looking at the “inside” of a tree. The unique, organic shapes and folds of tree growth rings informed the building’s “cross-section” of folded shapes, which also aligned with the appropriate lines to bring daylight deep into the space. This cross-section was extruded to cover the length of the building, similar to growth rings along the height of a tee. Extensive use of glass partitions, accented with the “corporate green” color, create a visually continuous research-to-office interior that promotes collaboration and puts their research “on display” for visitors and guests.