Charleston Coffee Factory

Charleston Coffee Factory is an integrative dwelling/ working/ retailing environment for a startup business owner. With these integrative functions, the project aims to create a new lifestyle that ensures the continuity of the business. A new lifestyle that contributes positively to the environment by reducing Co2 produced by commuting from and to the workplace. The Charleston Coffee Factory is designed to welcome and serve the students, locals, and tourists reviving the urban space.

Design Challenge

The design challenge encountered during the design process was the natural lighting and ventilation availabilities. An atrium in the middle of the multi floors building was designed to provide additional natural daylighting and ventilates the building. Providing a glassed façade in both elevations to improve the daylighting condition. Using The mechanical louvers in the glassed façade will provide the shaded needed during the summer while enjoying the sunny days during the winter. The mechanical louvers also play an important role in creating changeable and dynamic facades. Another aspect considered in the design is integrating nature within the building to increase human connection with nature.

Physical Context

Charleston Coffee Factory is located in the street market which is considered a historical zone. Most of the buildings around are built from bricks, wood, or stone. The concept was to use the materials that give the look of the historic building materials such as the brick cladding system to create a connection with the historical city spirit.