Comme des Garcons Boutique & Showroom

Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah, Georgia
Bhavana Shyamsundar
Business Phone: (240) 672-4379

Project Location: Tokyo, Japan

Project Description

This project analyzes an architectural space and concept through the protruded
and recessed pieces that created a part-to-whole massing. Individual pieces were put together, varying by length, portraying the conception of depth. While the ground condition mimics and addresses the language of the city Tokyo. By creating varying and staggering lengths this automatically combines shadow deceptions. And by inter-penetrating different shapes and planes in particular extrusions elevates the concept of depth. This project is solely conceptual so the floor plans were based off of the form that we created. The shapes that were created within this form had to have a women’s & men’s retail, changing rooms, elevator shaft, cafe, accessories,event space and exhibition space. Comme des Garcons is known for going against the norm when it comes to the feminine body. Rei Kawakubo accentuated parts of the body that have never been accentuated before, making her garments avant garde and controversial. This form stands against the cities architectural facades with the ground condition playing with the abnormalities of the brand.

Design Challenge

Tokyo, Japan is a distinctive city in the country of Japan. Can you design an architectural figure that follows the innovative path that Tokyo has taken throughout the years? -Interpenetrating figures looks like the eclectic architecture in Tokyo as well as deriving inspiration from the skyline. -Using infinite depth as a concept correlates to the multiple depths of Tokyo Japan. -Using the grid of Tokyo to help you design the ground condition.

Physical Context

This building is unique within most surrounding environments and would say that it is unique within Tokyo. This building does not necessarily work with its surroundings but acts against the many architectural forms. The connection of the various depths of this building could correlate to the various depths of Japan or the eclectic archetypes of Tokyo, Japan.