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Part of a BeltLine Community

With the Atlanta BeltLine as its backyard and Historic Fourth Ward Park (H4WP) as its front, the residences at North & Line offer three direct connections to the BeltLine Corridor. Sharing the environs of the adjacent Excelsior Mill development on North Avenue in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, North & Line is designed contextually ―pushing the bar for modern residences that also evince a sense of place.

Because of this, North & Line uniquely contributes to and advances BeltLine culture. While successfully increasing residential density, North & Line is thoughtfully fitted into place as part of an urban locale that provides a walkable, live-work-play environment for its denizens and visitors.

Accommodating 228 units on a 3.3-acre site, this high-end midrise apartment development also includes 4,500 s.f. of ground floor retail space. Myriad amenities include an ample pool deck overlooking H4WP and the Atlanta skyline and a 5,000 s.f. community space and fitness center.

Strategic BeltLine Access: The “Gateway Trail” is a winding garden trail up to the BeltLine. The Developer and the City of Atlanta jointly created the “Gateway Plaza,” a public plaza at the bottom of the Trail that accesses both the BeltLine and H4WP. A ground-floor restaurant at North & Line includes outdoor dining that connects to the Gateway Plaza. Private BeltLine access is also provided at North & Line’s terrace level, plus a third access point on the northern end near Excelsior Mill.

Diverse unit plans offer one- and two-bedroom options. Premium residences on the ground floor feature open ceilings with a lofted bedroom and bath above, with ceiling heights ranging from 17 – 30.’ North & Line features other luxury details such as quartz countertops and custom closets.

The first elevated level of residences is set back from the façade, creating private terraces for each unit. This provides a horizontal “reveal” that gives the appearance that the upper floors hover above the stone base. This lightness contrasts with the solidity of the granite façade of the retail stores that front North Angier St. along Historic Fourth Ward Park. Upper residences wrap two private courtyards at the BeltLine level, as well as the pool deck on the Southwest corner.

Contextual Design: North & Line is located adjacent to the historic Excelsior Mill, now in construction as a mixed-use destination. In homage to the historic Mill, the lower portion of the North & Line building is clad with true granite veneer. Artwork throughout was created by a local artist who photographed the Excelsior mill and its historic equipment prior to renovation. The Mill’s steam engine was donated to the Atlanta Parks Department and is now installed in Historic Fourth Ward Park.

A stone’s throw from the celebrated Ponce City Market, North & Line adds the right tone to a cosmopolitan verve and is also replete with greenspaces and opportunities for outdoor activity.

Design Challenge

This is a long site (500’), with a 40’ grade change to the abandoned rail line that is now the Beltline. One challenge was how to build without disturbing the adjacent site (above) belonging to the Beltline, or the historic stone buttressed retaining walls adjacent to the Mill. The solution was a soil nail wall that elevated the first residential levels to meet up with the Beltline. The parking garage was then tucked beneath the residences and against the change in grade, completely hiding it from view.

Physical Context

Physical Context: North & Line takes cues from the surrounding area’s industrial legacy. The storefronts on the ground floor suggest a factory vocabulary that at the same time evokes a modern, upmarket sense, with imposing granite façades. Built & Natural Environment: Because North & Line’s site is tucked between the BeltLine and Historic Fourth Ward Park, the design optimizes connections with the surrounding greenspaces. With three direct connections to the BeltLine and with the long façades fronting either greenspace, no units lack direct communication with the natural environment. The building’s long end runs north to south, providing optimum daylighting (east and west) to most units. The pool deck is also located to capitalize on the sunniest part of the day.

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