Park School for the Arts

Georgia Institute of Technology
245 4th St. NW Atlanta, GA, 30332-0155
Atlanta, Georgia 30332
Mario R. Rodas

Project Location: Castleberry Hill, Atlanta Georgia
Completion Date: 04/24/2014

Project Description

The main approach in this project is to create a school in a public urban park. The main thesis is to question and challenge the notions of the enclosed inaccessible school to make it a more engaged envorinment so it can actively be involved with the community, linking them through media (art) and nature (the park) in a public urban space. It is a design strategy that aggressively invites the public while still maintaining security. The project celebrates through advertisement of the program in a public park. The whole school is thought as a stage of performance. The spatial experiences are based on constant visual relations and encounters that create desire through advertisement.

The program is a charter high school for the arts, it is intended to accommodate 400 students. As part of the program requirements: 20 classrooms (20 students each, 5 per grade), 3 art studios, administration offices, 1 art gallery , 1 gymnasium, a cafeteria, and a parking lot for faculty.