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Paulson Stadium Mid-Deck Expansion

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This stadium expansion for a major University Football program features a unique and innovative structural system which led to an extremely low construction cost of $8.5 million. The project was completed with an unheard of cost of $1200 per seat. Other features of the project include:


  • An increase of capacity by 7,000 for a total of 25,000 seats.
  • The “Student Alley”, a widened cross-aisle that allows for students to socialize during the game maintaining the school’s game day culture.
  • 1500 new club seats, doubling the premium seating options of the venue.
  • New support facilities, including toilets, team store and a new cook-in concession stand.
  • A completely renovated concourse and stadium access for better movement throughout the facility.
  • An improved presence inside the stadium, creating a “big-game” atmosphere.
  • Seamless integration into an existing facility, which also allows for future expansion.
  • Paired rocking chair structural bents made from pre-cast concrete, which saved money and time, and allow for future expansion without modification to the new seating section.


Lastly, this expansion served as a major upgrade to the existing stadium, and allowed the university to switch to a better athletics conference.



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