The Green Room

Establishing a concept based on the program elements of a park in a city, this environment has created a destination in a previously void space. The polarity of urban context and spatial warmth are highlighted and connected by materiality. Nested spaces above and below the ground plane play off each other in a series of open and private areas. A reference to the outdoors is made through surface applied greenery, living plants and soaring use of natural color. The interior is brought to life by customized furnishings, adding a playful energy with countless configurable options.

Design Challenge

The vast and highly visible ground level space at a downtown office building stood empty for many years lacking the privacy for most tenants and the connectivity to engage the site. After many program studies, a park inspired communal concept emerged. Making use of the direct street engagement and adjacency to public levels, The space’s position was perfect for a space that both welcomed visitors and provided a home within the building. The construction of a new steel stair and mezzanine created a much-needed connection between the lobby and ground levels of the building. Architecturally lofted office zones project through a large wall, allowing the space to illuminate adjacent tenant floors. A soaring curtainwall perimeter, washing over two stories of sunlight, inspiring the calming use of living plant walls and greenhouse elements. Solving the multi-use needs, the space is anchored by intimate lounge zones during the day and reconfigurable for events by night. Comfortable for single users as well as small team meetings, each furniture group is unique. The scale of customization extends to a series of rolling communal tables which can create countless backdrops for the space.

Physical Context

Situated uniquely along a highly visible city street and between both a lobby and tenant area, the environment utilizes natural green wall elements to separate space while maintaining a park like anchor at the front of a downtown office building. Large scale, urban fabric borders the space on three sides. Extending inward, the environment becomes zoned into nested areas further articulated by intimate furniture groupings. The architecture extends to the details in a series of custom tables designed with the specific intention of offering countless reconfigurable options energizing occupants. By embracing multiple scales, a space is created with a purposeful identity. Tactile elements of concrete and steel balance the warmth of natural woods, mosses and planting. The interior reflects an urban context through materiality while establishing its own sense of place as a park within an office tower.