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Opt-outs are due March 31, 2020.

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Important information about your 2020 AIA Georgia membership dues

The good news is that your dues level is not changing, and will remain at their level since 2015. Once again, we plan on bringing you great value, as we tackle advocacy issues like Qualifications Based Selection, building codes, and indemnification issues, as well as put on great events like the Georgia Design Awards, CEU opportunities, and activities to connect with your colleagues.

For the past three years, we earmarked $10 of your AIA Georgia state dues for the AIA Georgia Political Action Committee (PAC) by the laws of the State of Georgia. From the funds in this program, we make donations to elected officials who are friends of the practice, leaders in the Georgia legislature (or likely to be soon), or those on committees who are in a position to influence legislation that affects architecture. It’s an essential piece of the work of AIA Georgia and gives us a place at the table to be sure we are looking out for your interests.

You have the right to Opt-Out of this voluntary allocation if you wisheither way your total dues will remain the same as last year. If you do not want $10 of your membership dues to go to the Georgia PAC, you can alert us, and we will move that amount from the PAC to the general operating accounts of AIA Georgia. This option gives you the opportunity to have your dues spent on non-PAC activities and ensures that no matter what, your state AIA dues are going toward important work for you and the profession.

If you want to do your part and have $10 of your dues go to the PAC, you don’t have to do anything! If you would like to opt-out, follow the instructions to complete and submit the form below. A copy of your form answers will be sent to you electronically for confirmation. We must receive this form by March 31, 2020, if you wish to exercise this option. At that point, we will transfer the PAC funds from an escrow account to the PAC coffers and begin distribution to elected officials.

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This form has expired. Please contact AIA Georgia at or 678.553.0500