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State Grasroots: Day at the Capitol


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Georgia State Capitol Building
206 Washington St SW, Room 216
Atlanta, GA 30334


Earn (4) LU CEUs

2018 Speakers:
Stephanie Stuckey, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Atlanta – How does a city prepare for sudden shocks and chronic stresses to its people, its infrastructure and the systems that support? The office focuses on how to prepare cities and counties to address both expected and unexpected shocks to their systems: natural disasters, climate change, sudden demographics shifts – but mostly focuses on issues of sustainability and livability. Urban areas are multi-layered systems that affect each other:  food systems, housing, transportation, design, waste, movement of people, etc. How do we design our communities to withstand these changes and still serve citizens?

Senator John Albers (Alpharetta) – AIA worked closely with his Study Committee on Tax Incentives during 2017, developing a tool/algorithm to evaluate the effectiveness of Georgia’s dozens and dozens of tax incentives, credits, and subsidies. What works and what doesn’t? The Historic Building Tax Credit performed well and got good grades during the pilot period. Senator Albers has introduced SB 349 to sunset some of the tax incentives that did not do well. But more importantly, learn from him how he plans to help Georgia adopt a process for reviewing our current slate of incentives, and how to evaluate the dozens of new ones that are introduced in every General Assembly session.

Senator Brandon Beach (Alpharetta) and Representative Kevin Tanner (Dawsonville) – Both are deeply engaged in introducing a transformative Transit funding and governance bill that could change how transit investment, land use, and construction development is done in Georgia. Clearly, public investment in quality infrastructure is something that every AIA architect is interested in, and how it affects economic decisions on the location, quality, and design considerations of every type of architecture.

**Also, expect updates and action items for bills addressing Permitting Streamlining, Stream Buffers, Project Delivery methods (like CM At-Risk), a Re-Organization of Fire Safety Services at the state level, and Affordable Housing.

Lunch is included and the cost is free!

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