Find Your Midcareer Mentors & Collaborators with Mia Scharphie


Thursday, December 3, 2020
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM





Find Your Midcareer Mentors & Collaborators

While early in your career you may have had great mentors and guides to show you the ropes, as you grow in your career the nature of mentorship shifts. Finding great mentorship relationships involves being more proactive, getting clearer on what you want out of mentorship, and bringing more of yourself to the relationship. This can be especially hard if you’re a woman or person of color and the majority of leadership in your industry doesn’t reflect you.

But the good news is that being proactive to find your new mentors will require you to get out of any professional echo chambers you may be stuck in, will build your personal power, and will give you a sense of your opportunities. In this session, presented by Mia Scharphie of Build Yourself, a career strategy company for women in design, tech and innovation, you’ll learn how to initiate and strengthen the mentorship relationships that will lead you forward, wherever you find yourself in your career. You’ll also learn a step by step process to finding and strengthening your own mentor relationships and expanding your network – so you can boost your influence, achieve your professional mission, and attract the career opportunities you want.

This session is open to people of all genders, but will focus on some unique challenges women can face.