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AIA Georgia is incorporated as a 501c(6) organization in the State of Georgia. As a Professional Association, it means that AIA Georgia is allowed to do some lobbying and other political activity. This also means that only part of a member’s membership dues can be tax deductible (the non-lobbying part).   The membership dues invoice from AIA National will always include information about what part of the dues are deductible.   A further implication is that donations to AIA Georgia are not tax deductible.

The organization is interested in promoting transparency to our members. To that end, we have made many of our governing documents available on this website, and still others available to members upon their request.

Click here to view the Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Agreement

Click here to view the Board of Directors Whistleblower Statement

Click here to view AIA Georgia’s Statement of Compliance with Antitrust Laws

Click here to view AIA Georgia’s recently approved 2016 Budget

Click here to view AIA Georgia’s recently approved Bylaws

Click here to view job descriptions for all AIA Georgia board director positions

**Voting on the 2016 Budget and Bylaws revisions were done in accordance with AIA rules and regulations at the Annual Business Meeting in Athens, GA on November 13, 2015.

Additionally, other documents are available through the offices and staff of AIA Georgia. Please email or call 678.553.0500 for more information. Some of the documents available include:

  • Minutes of AIA Georgia board of directors’ meetings
  • Budgets and financials from previous years
  • List of PAC donations from AIA Georgia’s Political Action Committee
  • And more. Just ask.