In late August, NCARB will launch a new service for Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidates called My Examination. In addition to being able to schedule appointments, candidates will have easy access to score reports, exam history, rolling clock dates, authorization to test information, and more.


For your convenience, we’ve created a library of communications tools that you can use leading up to the late August launch. Materials include:

“Myth Busters” Fact Sheet
The Fact Sheet includes an overview of My Examination’s exciting new benefits, plus everything you need to know about blackout dates, the rolling clock, exam eligibility, and more.

Candidate Tip Sheet
The Tip Sheet is essential reading for ARE candidates. The document highlights key changes coming to the ARE process, along with steps you can take to prepare for the blackout and establishing an NCARB Record.

My Examination FAQs
The upcoming launch of My Examination has raised several questions about changes to the exam process. This document sets the record straight and busts a few myths about what these changes mean for candidates.