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Digi-Fearscape: A Model Home for the Today’s of War



Digi-Fearscape: A Model Home for the Today's of War, looks to recent American architectural history to understand the relationship between fear generated by warfare and architectural space. This project is suspended in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a former site of the Manhattan Project, which currently acts as, among other uses, a research facility for the U.S. [...]

Canopies Resorts



Canopies is a multi-use habitat. Made with prefabricated modules, the design creates resort style habitats that morph to their environment. The elevated spaces create a small footprint so they can be erected in practically any location without the need to clear land before construction. They can meander and occupy dense forests, unused urban rooftops, rocky [...]

M.A.A.E. (Mars Artificial Atmospheric Envelope)



This design was submitted to the America Makes Challenge hosted by NASA and Makers Faire. The Mars Articial Atmospheric Envelope (M.A.A.E.) is designed to be a resilient shell to Mars’s extreme conditions while advancing 3D printing technologies with in-situ resources. M.A.A.E. utilizes a multi-layer structural system comprised of both 3D printed in-situ material and inflatable [...]

Savannah Station



Savannah Station is an adaptive reuse project completed during my senior year at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The site is located in an area of Savannah that is currently undergoing redevelopment and is projected to be a new landmark for the city upon completion. The program of this project aims to provide [...]

O2O4W: Oxygen House in the Old Fourth Ward District




O2O4W (Oxygen House in the Old Fourth Ward District) is a lung cancer community center project in the heart of Atlanta's historic Martin Luther King Jr. memorial site. The project is an adaptive reuse of the to-be-demolished MLK Natatorium building footprint. The site is on an inaccessible inward-facing urban block at the bottom of a [...]

The Oxygen Pavilion



The challenge of this project was to create a healing center for lung cancer patients next to the highly public site of Martin Luther King's National Historic Park. Previously, the site suffered from a lack of connection from the urban context around it. The solution to the urban problem was not to create another building [...]

O4W Oxygen House



Located in the Martin Luther King Jr. historic district in East Atlanta, this project deals with reconnecting the community through axial circulation throughout the site. Within the center of the site, an educational forecourt space is implemented to promote learning about the effects of lung cancer to the public. In parallel, the patients that inhabit [...]

International Living Future Institute: South-East Headquarters



A project for my third year in the architecture program at KSU, this proposal for the International Living Future Institute's 'South-East Headquarters' took a stance of sustainability from the start. Utilizing the large southern exposure of the site, a slim, linear floor plate maximized natural daylighting and potential for solar power. Incorporating all seven of [...]

A Ballet Studio for Jackson Pollock



“On Audacity & Imagination” : A Ballet Studio for Jackson Pollock Design + Research Studio, Fall 2015 When does the fictive world of the imagination gain such status that it gives rise to audacious moves unimaginable when the first imaginative impulse emerged? The studio pursued Henry Cobb’s challenge to audacity, and Peter Esienman’s call for [...]




Fundamentally no bodhi-tree exists Nor the frame of a mirror bright, Since all is voidness from the beginning, Where can the dust alight? ——Huineng, Zen Master, 638-713 A.D.   Approaching the end of life has always been challenging to us. It is usually both physically and spiritually a painful process. Zen Life Care provides a [...]