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1020 Spring Street

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1020 Spring is an unbuilt mixed-use high rise project located at the corner of 10th and Spring Street in Atlanta. The landowner commissioned our firm to develop this concept to demonstrate the feasibility of a mixed-use office, residential and hotel complex utilizing the maximum development capacity of the site. That represented a total of 1.8 [...]

Buckhead Green

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Buckhead is a major commercial and financial center in the northern area of Atlanta, Georgia. This area is the third-largest business district in the city, and is attracting unprecedented levels of multifamily construction. Despite this, the community lacks any significant public space. The Buckhead Community Improvement District (CID) desired to study the possibilities and craft [...]


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3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths Low threshold at entry and showers Cross ventilation, centrally located mechanical, high performance windows Local Lithonia Granite, Zinc roofing,European stucco, composite decking A home for Clients who desire to age in place. Materials were selected for their longevity and low maintenance. This site was created from an existing 15 acre estate, [...]

Water Pavilion

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In architecture a pavilion (from French pavillon, from Latin papilio) means a free-standing structure sited a short distance from a main residence, typically whose architecture makes it an object of relaxation and pleasure. Project Description: A water pavilion designed to provide a retreat, and tranquility, for an actual client in the music industry. Sited adjacent [...]


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Drawing from the patterns of simple harmonic motion, (SIN)UOSITY transforms the 10th street bridge into a sculpture that creates both a dramatic pedestrian experience above as well as a landmark to motorists below. Many Atlantans ironically see ‘The Connector' as a divisive nuisance, but we aim to celebrate this opportunity to stitch together our urban [...]

Australian Education City

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Australian Education City (AEC), outside of Melbourne, Australia is envisioned as a world-class knowledge hub that epitomizes the great things about Melbourne as a global center of sustainable design, and synthesizes cutting edge technologies available from around the world to create a unique embodiment of the modern city. AEC will be Australia’s first fully sustainable [...]

NGHA KSAU Behavioral Health Facility

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The design of the Behavioral Health Hospital establishes the Order within the primary principles that guide the integrated development of both building and site. Through a series of organized, rational spaces, the diagram establishes zones and communities that respond to the complexities of the program while providing an environment that is both safe and secure. [...]

InSoMED Canning Town Campus

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The serpentine Thames, the intertwining Caduceus and the DNA spiral all serve as inspirational metaphors for a High Performance Health Sciences learning environment that is interlaced and stitched into an existing community fabric in need of revitalization: The inSoMED Canning Town campus will be a positive contributor to the global fabric of the medical education [...]

Midtown Atlanta Transit Station Enhancements

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Transit Station Enhancement Plans PROJECT PREMISE: For a more sustainable Atlanta, mass transit must be a backbone of urban life. The collective experience of over 400,000 daily MARTA riders is a defining aspect of Atlanta’s urban experience; an urban business-card or visible marker of the success of a metro area. For Atlanta to become a [...]

Ruffwood Master Plan, Phase 1 Farmhouse and Barn/Guest House

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Lifestyle and Program: Our clients envision a new rural lifestyle comprised of a working farm providing a variety of farm to table products to Atlanta, event space, catering and airbnb lodging. Innovation: Refinement of our continuing exploration of the contemporary application of Southern Vernacular forms to modern design (especially in relation to passive solar design [...]