By John Huie (Article sourced from Flagpole Magazine) February 25, 2015

Six ACC commissioners appointed by Mayor Nancy Denson met for less than an hour last week to consider how to implement the Downtown Master Plan developed in 2013 by UGA planning and design students and staff. “Professor

[Jack] Crowley’s plan is for 2030, so we don’t necessarily feel like we have to get everything done tonight,” committee chairman Mike Hamby told the group. The first meeting was mostly organizational; the group will meet again Mar. 5. Crowley, who headed up the design teams, and Denson also attended the meeting.

“This is not my plan,” said Crowley. “This is a plan that resulted from talking to 5,000 people over two years.” Available at, the plan offers area-by-area (and often lot-by-lot) suggestions for redeveloping many downtown spaces (both private and public), adding landscaping, midblock pedestrian/commercial alleyways, narrower lanes and wider sidewalks, replacing some stoplights with four-way stops, adding a downtown circulator bus, adding passenger rail along existing tracks from downtown through campus (and eventually in other directions), building an outdoor amphitheater adjacent to the multimodal bus station and “daylighting” buried portions of Tanyard Creek, among other things.

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