Serving the Profession

All members of the board of directors of the Architecture Foundation of Georgia (AFGA) have legal, fiduciary responsibilities mandated in Georgia state law. These responsibilities are consistent across any person in Georgia serving on a nonprofit board of directors.

Fiduciary responsibilities

  • Setting the strategic vision for AFGA and working with other board members and staff to set the scope of activities of the organization
  • Providing fiscal and fiduciary oversight of AFGA and ensuring that the organization is utilizing its resources, both staff and financial, in ways consistent with the strategic vision and scope of work
  • Act as a public face of AFGA, attending public events, meetings, etc., as needed by the organization


Tangela Monroe
Assistant Director
(678) 553-0500 ext 108

Board of Directors

Lily del Berrios, AIA
2019 Chair

Lily Berrios has 30+ years of award-winning architectural planning and design experience. As a principal, she leads the higher education and campus planning practice at Sizemore Group. Lily uses a team approach to design and management that yields excellent results in creating a sense of pride and ownership that inspires clients to pursue full implementation of their plans. She has worked with over 30 college campuses nationally and internationally on their programming, campus planning, design and implementation of projects. Her professional affiliations include the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), where she represents the southern region, and the American Institute for Architecture (AIA).

Jim Fausett, FAIA
Vice Chair

“Having served as Treasurer for AIA | ATL, for 2-years and serving on the ATL Executive Committee, I know the issues of serving our organization, the challenges and opportunities of the position and I know that I would serve AIA | GA well.”

In his role as Treasurer of AIA Atlanta, Jarrell has been responsible for a $700K budget, its investment strategies, and assisted with development activities. He most recently served AIA Georgia as treasurer for (1) year in 2017 He was also the budget chair for the 2015 AIA Convention, which drew 17,000 architects in May.  His professional work is primarily with the Atlanta airport, and focuses on industrial and commercial ventures.