About Fellowship

The AIA Fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Election to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual, but also honors before the public and the profession a model architect who has made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

2014 Fellows

The 2014 Jury of Fellows from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevated 139 AIA members to its prestigious College of Fellows. Out of a total AIA membership of over 80,000 there are over 3,000 members distinguished with this honor. Congratulations to Steve Clem FAIA, Rob Dean FAIA and Jack Portman FAIA.

The 2014 Fellows were honored at an investiture ceremony at the 2014 National AIA Convention in Chicago, IL.


Mr. Clem, in his over 35-year career has proven to be an influential leader in creative design in both small and large spaces. Steven’s career has been with one firm – Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, Inc., known today as tvsdesign. Vision, design, detail and craft have distinguished his contribution to the public’s appreciation of quality architecture and garnered 13 AIA awards and more than 100 design awards total from the professions of architecture, interior design and construction. His work has resulted in 19 LEED Certified project.


Mr. Dean is nationally known as a producer of innovative software in the design and construction field. A pioneer in the development of architectural applications for the personal computer, he has invented unique software tools that contribute to more efficient editing and customization of documents, simplify the maintenance and enhancement of office master specifications, and facilitate construction administration through automated report generation. He has contributed to the development of design-build project delivery through his creation of software for generating design criteria, or performance specifications.


Mr. Portman has had a long and storied career working as an ambassador and conduit for American architects in China. Mr. Portman led the development of “Extended Schematic Design” and “Extended Design Development” document protocols for Chinese projects. For over 30 years Jack Portman AIA and his firm John Portman & Associates has had a premier presence in China, expanding opportunities in the profession internationally. Mr. Portman travels the world, speaking at conferences, presents case studies to university classes, and is constantly interviewed and writing articles for publications and media outlets.

2015 Fellows

The 2015 Jury of Fellows from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevated 147 AIA members to its prestigious College of Fellows. Out of a total AIA membership of over 85,000 there are over 3,200 members distinguished with this honor. Congratulations to Gary Coursey FAIA, Anne Smith FAIA, and Jerry Lominack FAIA.

The 2015 Fellows were honored at an investiture ceremony at the 2015 National AIA Convention in Atlanta, GA.


Working with architects throughout the country, Mrs. Smith is known for building consensus across varied personalities and perspectives. This professional and diplomatic leadership has led to her appointment as chair of numerous committees and the utilization of her abilities as a mediator when necessary. Anne’s dedication and diligence has meant significant improvements to the Intern Development Program (IDP), Broadly Experienced Architect Program (BEA), NCARB Certificate Program, the Architect Registration Exam (ARE), and the Educator Practitioner Conference. Anne has concurrently maintained a successful architecture practice in Savannah, characterized by award winning historic preservation projects, non-profit involvement, and the advancement of women in architecture.


Board’s Professional Development Program Monograph, “Sustainable Design II” and the National Park Service’s text The Georgia Catalog. Further, his design of Savannah’s most prominent public space, Ellis Square, was internationally recognized by the Congress for the New Urbanism as part of their 2013 Charter Awards. Described by an architectural historian as portraying “a modernist aesthetic in dialogue with traditional building forms,” Jerry’s lifetime of work has been a cornerstone of Savannah’s growth, a historic city on the national stage.While serving on Savannah’s Historic District Board of Review, Jerry helped promote progressive ideals, such as innovative and green design and the creation of 21st century landmarks; becoming known and respected for his outspokenness. Jerry’s values pair a strong belief in historic preservation with an understanding that good architecture in any time and place builds on our heritage.

Members of AIA Georgia who have been recognized with the honor of Fellow are:

Antonin Aeck, FAIA

Cecil A. Alexander Jr., FAIA*

Anthony Ames, FAIA

Joseph Amisano, FAIA *

Scott W. Braley, FAIA

Richard H. Bradfield, FAIA *

Robert L. Brown Jr., FAIA

James W. Buckley, FAIA

John A. Busby Jr., FAIA

Robert M. Cain, FAIA

William J. Carpenter PhD, FAIA

Walter T. Carry, FAIA

William E. Chegwidden, FAIA

Steven W. Clem, FAIA

Jerome M. Cooper, FAIA

Gary Coursey, FAIA

Jonathan T. Crane, FAIA

Stanley L. Daniels, FAIA

Ben R. Darmer, FAIA

Robert Paul Dean, FAIA

Richard J. Diedrich, FAIA

Michael A. Dobbins, FAIA

Eugene C. Dunwody, FAIA

Dale R. Ellickson, FAIA

Dagmar B. Epsten, FAIA

James G. Fausett, FAIA

Darrell A. Fitzgerald, FAIA

W. Jeff Floyd, Jr., FAIA

Brian Gracey, FAIA

Peter H. Hand, FAIA

J. Paul Hansen, FAIA

Oscar L. Harris, Jr. FAIA

Philip L. Harrison, FAIA

Helen D. Hatch, FAIA

George T. Heery, FAIA

Ray C. Hoover III, FAIA

Marvin C. Housworth, FAIA

Jordon O. Jelks, FAIA *

Eric B. Johnson, FAIA

H.V. Jova, FAIA

Ronald Kolman, FAIA *

James F. Kortan, FAIA

Ellamae Ellis League, FAIA

Michael A. LeFevre, FAIA

Winford V. Lindsay Jr., FAIA

T. Jerry Lominack, FAIA

Larry Lord, FAIA

Forrest R. Lott, FAIA

Ivenue Love-Stanley, FAIA

L. Vic Maloof, FAIA

Cheryl L. McAfee-Mitchell, FAIA

C. Andrew McLean, FAIA

Carl R. Meinhardt, FAIA

Dr. Linda H. Michael, FAIA

Paul Muldawer, FAIA

Roger Neuenschwander, FAIA

Ivey L. Nix, FAIA

John C. Portman Jr., FAIA

Jack Portman, FAIA

William L Pulgram, FAIA

Jack H. Pyburn, FAIA

Linda Ramsay, FAIA

M. Garland Reynolds Jr., FAIA

J.W. Robinson, FAIA *

Richard Rothman, FAIA

Bernard B. Rothschild, FAIA *

Edward H. Shirley, FAIA

Michael M. Sizemore, FAIA

Anne Kolman Smith, FAIA

Joseph N. Smith III, FAIA *

Raymond F. Stainback Jr., FAIA

William J. Stanley III, FAIA

Preston Stevens Jr., FAIA

John R. Street Jr., FAIA *

Eugene L. Surber, FAIA

Stephen T. Swicegood, FAIA

Richard L. Taylor Jr., FAIA

Roberta L. Unger, FAIA

Thomas W. Ventulett III, FAIA

Howard S. Wertheimer, FAIA

Robert S. Woodhurst III, FAIA

Stanford Woodhurst Jr., FAIA *

* Deceased